We're proactive not reactive. In retail we know there's no time to sit around waiting for inspiration or problems to strike. By driving hard to achieving co-operation, clarity and direction, we're very effective. To ensure your project is effective we can help in many ways, from providing advice to your group meetings on what works in a retail environment to managing and running the whole project to completion. We also often provide input or 'common sense' reviews in particular project areas such as planning, risk management, quality management or issue resolution.

Successful brands spend time establishing what it is they do well and what it is they do differently from their competitors. Whether you are wishing of running your own empire or already in the deep of a retail business that is in need of a boost, you need direction.

  • Pre-Season Merchandise Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Range Planning
  • Allocation
  • In Season
  • Re-Forecasting
  • Where to buy your best merchandise at the best prices.

One of the problems we often come across is that the company has grown and developed a wide variety of alternative and uncontrolled practices for stock management. The confusion and complexity that this introduces can seriously drain your profitability. Another problem is the staff not being trained properly on how not to waste any of your product and how to utilize every single piece of packaging as well as your flowers.